Hardanger Fiddle Piece for Britt Pernille Frøholm (CD release)
*New work for The Trondheim Soloists (2019)
*New violin concerto for
Anne Søe and Athelas Sinfonietta at Klang Festival (2021)
Stabat Mater for Oslo Internasjonale Kirkemusikkfestival (2022)
Overture for Ensemble Ernst

Selected past projects (click on title for info/recordings):
Brittle Fluid (2014) for 14 strings
Pas de deux (2014) for violinist and performer
Man Is Exhaled Breath (2010-11) for violin and spatialized ensemble
Pange Lingua (2012) for choir in 4 groups
Partita & 2 Cadenzas (2011/2019) for solo violin
String Trio for Bill No. 1 & 2 (2002/2010)
The 4 Idols of Francis M. Bacon (2006) for baroque ensemble, live mic & tape
Lens (2013) for clarinet, cello, piano, and tape
Écumes (2005-06) for marionettes, dancer, installation & music
titled string quartet (2004)
Short film music
Rainbow Facade (indie-rock project)