Partita (2011) & 2 Cadenzas (2019) for solo violin

Listen to 2 Cadenzas (Sara Övinge, violin):

2 Cadenzas (2019) is based on material from Partita (2011), completely disassembled and reorganized into a piece that no longer makes any reference to the Baroque suite. Instead, the two parts are structured organically, and are more suggestive of the space and stillness in a concerto when the orchestra stops and the soloist is left alone onstage, reworking and ruminating over the themes and gestures that linger in the memory of the audience.

Partita commissioned by Margrete Pettersen and premiered (first and last movements only) at Bodø Cathedral. First performed in full by Sara Övinge at Sound of MU in Oslo. Published by the National Library.