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Brittle Fluid (2014) for 14 strings

Pas de deux (2015) for violinist and performer

Man Is Exhaled Breath (2010-11) for violin and spatialized ensemble:

MacGuffin (2019) for 3 musicians, tape & a box

Pange Lingua (2012) for choir in 4 groups:

2 Cadenzas (2011/19) for violin:

Intercessor (2018) for string quartet

The 4 Idols of Francis M. Bacon (2006) for baroque ensemble and tape:

Titled String Quartet (2004):

String Trio for Bill No. 1 (2002):

A House Full of Noises (short film music):

A House Full of Noises from Margarida Paiva on Vimeo.

String Trio No. 4 (2011):

Écumes (2005) - a marionette/dance theater piece: