titled string quartet (2004)
Sextet (2010), a version for alto flute, 2 clarinets, & string trio

Listen (Zapolski Quartet):

was the start of a new direction. It is the first piece to make use of miming, which lead to a fuller non-sounding palette. This miming originally occurred as a solution to a problem, in which I needed to expend "forte" energy without any loud sound. Based on experience with other concerts, we posit onto the mimed image "loud" (if they are moving that way), despite that there is no sound. The other use I found for it was in its similarity with dance, and some portions of titled are essentially just choreographed bow movements, intended to be graceful in and of themselves.

The piece was performed at Tivoli Concert Hall as part of the 60th Anniversary of the UNM festival by the Zapolski Quartet. The piece was also workshopped prior to this with the Esbjerg Ensemble and Goffrilier Quartet. A version for Sextet was performed in 2010 at Litteraturhuset, Oslo.