Upcoming Projects

  • New Piece for Engegård Quartet: world premeiere Oslo Quartet Series, 25 February 2025

  • New Piece for Stemmeklang and Nynorsk Messingkvintett. Premiere: Interpuls Festival 2025

  • Debut album on BIS Records,  27 September 2024 release, containing Stabat Mater, Brittle Fluid, and Vuggesang

  • Ghost in the Machine, for piano solo, world premiere by Ellen Ugelvik, TBA

I watched the water pour down the mountainsides, like tears. … I scribbled in my notebook something about how do you prepare an audience for this? “Do you tell an audience that their hearts are about to be broken?”

Fiona Talkington, BBC presenter, on Stabat Mater

“Imposing … explores the expressive limits of music… somber and impressive."

The Boston Globe

So beautiful it hurts. This is music that demands the greatest emotions …


A completely special work... high-caliber sound art.


Infinitely beautiful ... many had to wipe away tears after the concert … Splendid.

Hardanger Folkeblad

References and allusions are torn apart and reassembled in surprising combinations. Even the most romantic passages trembled ominously in the constant awareness of the terrible sorrow that lay just within reach.


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