Pre-echo (2012) for string quartet

Watch Quatour Bozzini at Salon qb:

Pre-echo gets much of its structure (loosely) from Caryl Churchill’s play, Heart’s Desire. In the play, we are given a cyclic story structure with bits of dialogue expanded or skimmed over in each repetition, giving the impression that we gradually get closer to understanding a full storyline. Certain things that occur early on don’t make a lot of sense until their context is given later. All of this is reflected in Pre-echo.

In the quartet piece, 8 static blocks of texture are given, four at a time followed by a combination of the set, which over time influence each other and combine, eventually breaking from the repetitive structure and leading to non-static, narrative music.

Premiered at ULTIMA 2012 by Quatour Bozzini. Further performed by Bozzini and Ensemble Chartreuse throughout North America. Written with kind support from Arts Council Norway.