Dithyramb I-IV (2007) for 2 strings & 2 dancers

Dithyramb I was a duet for violin and viola that explores the possibilities for communicating musical information without sound, by way of physical gestures. For Dithytamb I-IV, two dancers were added, their parts conceived of as copies of the original string parts into a new form. There were then four possible duet combinations that still produce “the same” duet. The dancers worked one on one with a string player, substituting themselves for the other string part. The rhythm was learned and memorized exactly, and the character of the gestures and lines translated as closely as possible – in this later process the dancers played a large role in determining their material, and in so doing helped to reveal more of the essence of the original than a normal performance could. Lastly, the dancers came together to work on their duet alone, and each of the four duets were finished. The four duets are then interpolated in varying combinations in performance.

Dithyramb I, for violist & violinist (uncut):

Watch an edit of
Watch an edit of measures 98-165 in three forms, from Dithyramb I, Dithyramb IV (for 2 dancers), and Dithyramb II (a mix of dancers and strings):

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Dithyramb I-IV score