Pas de Deux (2014)

Pas de Quatre (2014/21)


Pas de Deux

Version for violin & performer
Performed here by Karin Hellqvist & Silje Aker Johnsen.
Filmed by Margarida Paiva.

Performance by Mirka Malmi & Elisa Rusi-Matero,
Nordic Music Days 2018, Helsinki

Pas de Quatre

version for 2 strings & 2 dancers.
Developed & performed by Rikka Läser, Ivo Bärtsch, Corey Worley & Mathilde Lauridon at Bridging Arts Festival, Nürnberg (DE)


Pas de Deux deals with rules, control, and touch, and thus lends itself to a variety of cultural & political commentary, depending on what each of the two performers is seen to represent. However, it can also be read as a more personal story between two people, or even a sort of Pinocchio tale.

Written for and developed alongside Mira Benjamin & Silje Aker Johnsen for nu:nord 2014.
Expanded afterward and filmed  with support from Arts Coucil Norway (FFLB) and The Norwegian Society of Composers.


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