Brittle Fluid (2014)

Brittle Fluid relates extra-musically, loosely, to the description of a frozen waterfall given in Tarjei Vesaas’ novel, The Ice Palace. In that book, a young girl looses her way exploring the small rooms created by the frozen waterfall, and eventually succumbs to hypothermia amid hallucinations prompted by  sunlight shining in through the icy walls. Making something with such motion and energy static is a feat of nature, and a compositional challenge I gave myself in writing this piece.

Original version released on Fabra Records, 11-string version forthcoming on BIS Records. Written with kind support from the Norwegian Arts Council.

Sheet music at NB Noter.


To listen to the recording on Fabra, choose your preferred streaming service here, or click below. Several live performances are also available on Soundcloud.

The static opening illustrates the cold through clever orchestration. As the piece progresses, this expression transforms into more dynamic and melancholic sections, gradually introducing subtle harmonies. The piece's program is effectively realized - but the material holds up excellently on its own.

ISCM Norway jury

Devoted and precise … formally solid ... Even with simple means, especially significant moments stand out as clear markers as the piece unfolds.

Emil Bernhardt, Morgenbladet